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We made it! Our first location on the road. Soledad Canyon in Southern California. Day one of our family dream, it was a long time coming. So much research planning and prepping but we did it! Soledad was a last-minute change to our plan, something we hear will become a new normal.

The campground was pretty large and spread out. Unfortunately due to some flooding awhile back the road that connects the different loops to all the amenities had been washed out, which meant we had to drive all the way out of the property to the main road around and back into the campground.

There were two pools one HUGE one with a splash pad. The water was FREEZING but we basically had the place to ourselves they boys had so much fun. There was also another pool that was really warm with the biggest hot tub I’ve ever seen! It was right next to the laundry room. Umm hello, talk about perks! Throw in a load or 2 or 6… and have a drink while you relax in the hot tub.

We also enjoyed all the activities while we were there. They had movies in the Rec building with popcorn, candy, and drinks. A really cool miniature golf area. We even got to check out some educational kits. The boys made a cork shooter and played with a fossil kit.

California Missions

During our stay, we took a few day trips. Being from California the Missions are a big part of history. On one of our day trips, we went to the San Fernando Mission. Did you know Bob Hope is buried there? The alter was absolutely beautiful! We were able to explore so many rooms and see more than you can at most of the missions that we have been to. There was even a distillery down in the basement.

We also finally made good on a promise to our oldest son Nathan and took him to see the Mission he did his 4th-grade report on. San Gabriel Arch Angel. What a beautiful mission, it was amazing to visit both in one day and to be able to see the stark differences between the two. San Gabriel had a very different style and feel than the others we have seen. Much older and smaller. A grapevine that was planted in 1774 was definitely a highlight!

Antelope Valley Indian Museum

Another day we visited what we all voted as the best museum we have ever been too! Antelope Valley Indian Museum. Think Hansel and Gretel meet American Indian, built right into the butte. Rock floors and a natural spring in the living room. There was a short hike around the property we were thankful it was October and not August. Artifacts, Architecture, paintings… Definitely a must-see!

On the way back we drove over a musical road. I would probably not go out of my way to do it but we were close enough so thought we’d give it a try. A highlight for Dad was driving past the Kill Bill House!

Tri-Tip at The Original Acton Market

Just a few minutes down the road from the RV park was the little town of Acton. There were 2 grocery stores, a post office, and a park. At “The Original Acton Market” we found Tri-Tip on sale so being from Santa Maria you know we had to get some! Mmmmm tasted like home and we also learned that Tri-Tip in the Instant Pot is pretty darn good!

Overall we had a successful first trip into our Fulltime RV Traveling journey!